Outdoor Xmas Lights – Start Planning Now

At one point or another we have all seen Chevy Chase and his National Lampoons attempt at Christmas. When he decides to get the idea to rig up the outdoor Xmas Lights, the results are side splitting. There is a reason why every year men across the country plan their outdoor Xmas lights displays down to the minute detail, there is not a single thing that is overlooked when doing this during the Christmas season. The reason that this ritual occurs is because of the fact that these lights can make the Christmas season that much brighter when you decorate the outside of your house with these lights. We all love to drive around our town or neighborhood and see what various displays of lights a person has used to decorate their home. The simple truth is that outdoor Xmas lights serve a duel purpose with functionality as well as attractiveness to any home.

The Christmas C7 & C9 lights are considered to be the original Outdoor Xmas Lights. These are among the most popular and commonly used lights known for their durability and long bulb life with a wide range of colors and textures. These light strings come in sets of 25 or 50 which has 150 lights attached to 6 strings. These bulbs are mostly transparent or opaque and reflect twinkling lights, and are the most popular amongst the ones that are out there. The C7 & C9 lights are suitable to use on the exterior of the house, garage, or on natural evergreen trees. Another type of Outdoor Xmas Lights that is considered very economical as it helps to save electricity up to almost 80% are LED Outdoor Xmas Lights, these are popular because they are the most cost saving Xmas lights, LED bulbs last almost up to 50,000 hours. And another advantage is it does not have a fuse like normal lights, even if it’s one bulb gets blown the others remain lit giving you the same reflections and powerful glow, this is the beauty of these LED Outdoor Xmas Lights.

The Mini Outdoor Xmas Lights are quite affordable as it has only 1.5 to 205 volt bulbs, these are available from the range of 50 to 200 light strings all the way up to 400 strings. These lights as the name indicates are usually best to decorate outdoor small shrubs or light leaf trees in your yard, as they are quite delicate and give a graceful view. The Christmas Rope lights come in a sets of small bulbs enclosed in a plastic rope like tube. They are generally measured per foot to a roll of 150 foot maximum; there are steady ropes and chasing ropes. The steady ropes blinks steadily whereas the chasing ropes features the Xmas lights chasing each other throughout the long rope, that makes it look very unique. You can use them for outlining your windows, doors, railings or even the entire building.

Some of the best Outdoor Xmas Lights are the Net lights that blanket the trees and bushes with number of small bulbs at a time. All you need to do is simply spread them over your trees or bushes in your garden area or wrap the trees with these Outdoor Xmas Net Lights and just imagine the look, resembling numerous stars from the sky have fallen in your garden. You can get variety of such Outdoor Xmas Lights to enlighten your Christmas eve with family and friends all you need to do is just select the best from the number of varieties available in the markets and make you house feel like ‘Heaven on earth’.

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